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ABOUT DR. G. NILI G. Nili, DMD, is an experienced and compassionate dentist who treats patients in Newport Beach, California, and its surrounding communities. Dr. Nili studied at Boston University in Boston and graduated with her dental degree in 1986. She’s consistently been on the cutting edge of modern dentistry and the latest technologies in the field. She was the first dentist to be fully trained and licensed by Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc. in treating periodontal disease with the PerioLase®, which was the first laser treatment created specifically for gum disease. She’s maintained certification in PerioLase treatments for over 20 years and was the first dentist in Orange County to adopt a PerioLase for her practice in 1998. Dr. Nili has been an artist since childhood and focuses on aesthetics with a critical eye for beauty. She employs these artistic skills in her dental practice to create a calm, serene atmosphere that nurtures aesthetic integrity and delivers highly individualized smile makeovers that look not only beautiful, but natural as well. Every procedure she does, from simple fillings to crowns and veneers, is done to appear natural and undetectable. Dr. Nili is passionate about her patients’ well-being, and fosters a positive experience for them from the moment they enter her office, all the way through the completion of their treatment. This dedication has earned her a reputation as a leading practitioner in her field, while the results that she produces has earned her a dedicated clientele with beautiful, luminous smiles.

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