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Noyau Wellness Center is a mental health and wellness center consisting of experts in counseling, nutrition, massage therapy, and holistic medicine. Working with the mind and body, our professionals work together or separately to help you achieve ultimate healing, success, wellness, and happiness. Founders, Charity Adams MA, LPC, and Angela S. Taylor MA, LPC created Noyau out of a need for more communication and interaction between treating physicians. Noticing that clients healed more quickly when combining counseling with massage, nutrition, and/or acupuncture (among others), they worked to create a center where all of these needs could be met in one place. Whether you are struggling with a specific area of your life or are wanting to make a complete and total life change in its entirety, Noyau therapists can help you get there. Combining years of experience with new insight and development, we will work to get you to the place you are hoping to reach.

Noyau Wellness Center FAQ

Noyau Wellness Center at 5445 la Sierra Dr, Dallas, Texas 75231

Noyau Wellness Center phone number 2147060619

You can call at 2147060619.You can fill out the form at

Noyau Wellness Center Dallas Texas 5445 la Sierra Dr 75231