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The Adult Mental Health Division of Rutland Mental Health Services offers a variety of programs and services which are designed to assist people in improving the quality of their lives. We encourage and support each individual to identify and attain his/her personal goals. We empower individuals to grow and gain greater independence. We provide support that empowers individuals to: develop meaningful and mutually supportive relationships; work or engage in other meaningful activity; live where they want to live, and; be active participants in the community in which they reside. With the consent of the person served, families are encouraged to participate in the assessment and treatment process The Child Services Division: When a child in Rutland County needs help, Child and Family Services is always within reach any day, any time. Under Rutland Mental Health Services (RMHS), the programs offered embrace the emotional and behavioral problems that may affect youth, from birth to the teenage years. Last year alone, Child and Family Services provided aid to nearly 1,200 children. As part of Community Care Network, Child and Family Services delivers a wide range of human services, including: ? Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assessment ? Outpatient Therapy (individual, group, family) ? Therapeutic Case Management ? Outpatient Substance Abuse Services ? School-Based Services ? Psychiatric Assessment and Medication Management ? 24/7 Crisis Services Substance Abuse Philosophy: We believe: ? Alcohol and other drug dependence is a primary, treatable disease. ? The disease is chronic, progressive and has lifelong implications. ? The disease affects the social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. ? The disease has a profound impact on the family, as well as other significant relationships. ? The disease affects each individual differently. ? Treatment must be individualized to meet the needs of each person.

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